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Seedless Marionberry Jam

Seedless Marionberry Jam

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Marionberry Jam A “Northwest favorite” based on my sales. This berry is native to and grows best in the Pacific Northwest. Marion blackberries, sometimes referred to as the Cabernet of Blackberries, are the premier blackberry cultivated and used in almost everything. They have a complex, rich flavor, deep reddish-purple color and superior texture and size over other blackberry varieties. Marionberry is a customer favorite and my #3 seller! This goes best on any warm or cold bread product and makes a great topping for ice cream. It is my daughter’s favorite added to yogurt parfaits. Berries come from Skagit County. Ingredients: Sugar, Marion Berries, Pectin (dextrose, fruit pectin, citric acid (assists gell). Note: this is a seedless jam.

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